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Ruwen Chang 常入文

Research Interests:
Contemporary China
body politics
social stratification
Transnational Reproductive Justice
The Hierarchy of Masculinities
Alternative Kin-Making
Gendered Violence
Office hours

By appointment.


  • July 2017, M. A. in Sociology, Peking University, Beijing, China.
  • June 2014, Bachelor of Law in Journalism and Communication, China Youth University of Political Studies, Beijing, China
Ruwen Chang is a Ph.D. Candidate of Gender and Women Studies at the University of Kentucky. Her dissertation focuses on reproductive justice, gendered violence, the hierarchy of masculinity, and alternative kin-making in contemporary China. Specifically, her dissertation research examines how definitions of the human subject are produced, reproduced, and contested through policies and discourses around reproduction in China, and how social privileges and exclusions are intertwined with those definitions. She teaches courses on introduction to Gender and Women's Studies and transnational reproductive justice. Her research has been presented at many regional, national, and international conferences. 
Selected Publications:

Book Reviews

May 2019

Hongwei Bao’s Queer Comrades: Gay Identity and Tongzhi Activism in Postsocialist China. “Book Review Symposium – Queer Geographies.” Antipode.



Sullivan, Shannon, Shannon Branfield, Ruwen Chang and J. D. Saperstein. “Gut Feelings: Race and the Embodied Self: An Interview with Shannon Sullivan.” disClosure: A Journal of Social Theory 28 (2020): 15.

In Preparation

May. 2021

“Audiencing, Debating, and Envisioning Reproductive Labor and Empowered Womanhood in Contemporary China.”