GWS Capstone Presentations

GWS End of Year Celebration & Awards Day

Black Women's Conference: #SAYHERNAME

Black Women's Conference: #SAYHERNAME

Black Women's Conference: #SayHerName: SOLHOT-LEX and Incorporating Black Girls in the Fight Against State Violence

Working Group on War and Gender Symposium

Working Group on War and Gender Symposium

GWS & AAAS Fall 2016 Course Preview

Bodies of Evidence: "Policing Fat Bodies" Panel

Bodies of Evidence: "Marriage and its Troubles"

Bodies of Evidence: "Provocations: A Transnational Feminist History Project"

"We Hear You: What We Have Learned from the First Year of Data from the Campus Attitudes Toward Safety (CATS) Study"

Screening & Panel: "Let the Fire Burn"

Bodies of Evidence: Policing Queer Bodies

A Reading by Roxane Gay

Film & Discussion: The Education of Shelby Knox

Bodies of Evidence: Policing Black Bodies

GWS & AAAS Breckinridge Bash and Spring Course Preview

Intersections of Violence in Latin America Symposium

GWS Grad Student Coffee Talk

GWS Grad Student Coffee Talk

Jennifer Jones: A Complicity of Silence: Aaron Henry The Fire Ever Burning and the Possibilities of Archiving Black Genders/Sexualities

"We a BaddDDD People: A Conversation with Sonia Sanchez"

Coffee Quality and Qualities: Closing the Gender Asset Gap in Oaxaca, Mexico

The JUMP! Project: Just Us Moms Performing

AAAS Reading Series: DaMaris Hill

May Day Reflections on Aluminum Workers in Indiana

International Studies Day

Handbook for Preliminary Dissertation Fieldwork: A Practical Guide for the International Student Researcher

Tribute to Jan Oaks and GWS end of year celebration

Arabic Cultural Night

21st Annual Black Women's Conference

***EVENT CANCELLED DUE TO WEATHER***6th Annual Appalachian Research Community Symposium and Arts Showcase

Breckinridge Bash: GWS & AAAS Fall course preview

Juan Carlos Callirgos: "The Intricacies of Race and Racism in Peru"

Nan Woodruff: Living with the Legacies of Violence in the Jim Crow South:Memory, Trauma, and the Civil Rights Movement"

Jennifer D. Jones: Looking for Lorraine and Langston: Queering African-American Archives and Histories

African American LGBTQ History Panel Discussion

Women and Peacebuilding: Lessons Learned from Post-Genocide Rwanda

Third Wave Coffee, Maya Farmers, and the Anthropology of Wellbeing

Invited Lecture: Danielle L. McGuire

A Reading & Conversation with Emily Raboteau

Seminar Series: "Speak-English-Only Rules in the Workplace: Language Ideologies, Research, and Lived Experience"

The State of The Right in Europe and Latin America

Seminar Series: "Variation in young women's perceptions of dialect differences in the Arab World"

Achilles & the Argonauts: CLA 525/625 Research Workshop

Kasimir & Karoline: A Staged Reading

Music of the Koto: Japan's National Instrument

Blurred Lines: Buddhism in the Chinese Borderlands

Know Your Rights: Community & Law Enforcement in a Post-Ferguson America

Living in Times of Regression: A Personal Account

Appalachian Forum and Film Screening and Discussion of Up the Ridge

The Odyssey -- A Performance by Joe Goodkin

"Perverse Subjects: Becoming Bodies of Literature in the Library"

Long Time Ago... A Performance by Crit Callebs Eastern Band Cherokee Storyteller

Film Screening: Goodbye Gauley Mountain

Emily Satterwhite: "Hillbilly Horror and Wrong Turn"

Stacy Takacs: "Genre and Jessica Lynch"

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: Jasmine McNealy

Film Viewing & Discussion: Be Like Others

GWS & AAAS: Breckinridge Hall Open House

Book Launch: Kentucky's Cookbook Heritage: Two Hundred Years of Southern Cuisine and Culture

The Politics of Memory

“Chronic Liminality: living on the edge in a Zambian park buffer zone”

CKCPJ Voices Series 2014: Book group discussion of The Rich and the Rest of Us

“Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored Girls: Reclaiming Black Girlhoods through Black Women in Academia”

Appalachian Forum with talk by Fran Ansley on Labor Organizing in Appalachia

Film Screening and Discussion of "Anne Braden: Southern Patriot" with Mimi Pickering

“Engaging in Sustainability in Neoliberal Contact Zones”

Introducing the book: Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Transformations.

Women In China's Heroin Trade: A Niche Market Perspective

Rashad Shabazz: "Our Prison": Kitchenettes, Carceral Power and Black Masculinity During the Interwar Years

Film viewing and discussion of The Other Boleyn Girl with Susan Bordo

Carter G. Woodson Lecture Series: DaMaris Hill

The "Arab Spring" in Social Media: Possibilities and Perils in a Networked Age

GWS End of Year Celebration

Vote, Pray, Write: (Researching) Women and Religious Politics in India

"The New Social Justice Documentary"

GWS Research Matters

Navigating the Left Turn: Sexual Politics and the Citizen Revolution in Ecuador

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Patterns of Inequality and Latin American Support for Redistribution

Transy Women's Studies Guest Lecturer: Karen Tice

Nelson Mandela Lecture in Community Sustainability: Ouita Michel

Conference on Political and Economic Inequality

Herstory Conference: Melissa Stein "Embodying Gender: Science, Medicine, and Equality"

African American and Africana Studies Social Science Speaker Series: Karyn Lacy

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Breckinridge Bash - Fall Course Preview

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Reel to Reel: Special Collection at the Movies "Beloved"

Something Old, Something New: Disability, Gender, Blackness and Performance in African Diaspora and African-American Studies

The Body in Pain, Performance in African Diaspora and Caribbean Studies

National Fruits: A research presentation by Carol Mason

"Gender and Islamophobia in the era of cyber-panic”

Dramatic Presentation -"Las Voces de los Apalaches"

Translating Affect

Tracy Fisher: "Rethinking Blackness, Feminisms, and Transracial Solidarities"

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Dr. Karen Tice: Queens of Academe: Beauty Pageantry, Student Bodies, and College Life

3rd Thursday Soup & Substance: Rock the Vote: Do You Know Your Rights?

What You Can Do With A GWS Major

When Going Home is Hard

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Film Screening: Girl Rising

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

"Petro Patrons: Rentier States and Security in the Persian Gulf"

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

From Emmett Till to Trayvon Martin: Race and Cultural Masculinities

Dr. Chad Montrie speaks in honor of Professor Ron Eller's Career at UK

Analysis and PDE Seminar

GWS Breckinridge Bash

Introductory Workshop on Time-Series Analysis

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Nancy Tomes "Clio in the Clinic: The Many Uses of the History of Medicine and Public Health" A talk for History Majors

Brunch and Meet & Greet with Dr. Nancy Tomes

Reception for Dr. Nancy Tomes

Nancy Tomes: "Doctor Shoppers: A Gendered Perspective on the History of Medical Consumerism"

Harold Perkins (Ohio University)

Caroline Nagel (University of South Carolina)

Edna Wangui (Ohio University)

5th Biennial Herbert Marcuse Society Conference

Analysis and PDE Seminar

"Constitutional Dysfunction on Trial: Can Courts Save Congress from the President (and Itself)?"

Davis Bottom: Rare History, Valuable Lives

Viva Mexico Event: Gustavo Arellano

Dr. Kaila Story "The White Man’s the Devil~ The Black Man is King: Intraracial Sexual Politics and the Consequences for Black Women"

Strengthening Ties Between UK & Lexington

I Live I See: The Poetry of Vsevolod Nekrasov

Monica Diaz "Indias no tan nobles." Native Petitions and the Rhetoric of Purity in Colonial Mexico

Lecture on Soldaderas in Mexican Literature (Wired Course)

Cultural Heritage & Tourism Panel (A&S 100 class)

GWS Breckinridge Bash

EKU Event: Frances Negron-Muntaner "What to Do with All This Beauty?"

EKU Event: Kathy Peiss "The Making of America's Beauty Culture"

2014 Appalachian Research Symposium

Invisible War--Documentary

Susan Bordo's New Book - The Creation of Anne Boleyn

Beyond Steubenville: Rape in the digital age

Hearing Appalachian Voices

The Effects of Religiousness on Intimate Partner Violence: Measures and Methods

Signing and discussion of new book: The Creation of Anne Boleyn

Early Mortality, Stigma, & Social Suffering in Appalachia

Poetry Reading in the Open Air

A Geography of Small Spaces

Table, Map and Text: Writing in France circa 1600

Film Screening: Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines

The Urban Age in Question

Derek Gregory, University of British Columbia: “Gabriel's War: Cartography and the Changing Art of War "

GWS 599 Student Symposium

GWS Research Matters: Claire Renzetti "Untangling the Effects of Religiousness on Intimate Partner Violence Perpetration: Questions of Measures and Methods"

Film Screening & Roundtable: Women's Issues Under Socialism

Thom Heyer: Mannish Exhibit and talk

Patricia Ehrkamp "Welcoming the Stranger?: Undocumented immigrants, Christian faith communities, and the fleeting spaces of belonging in the U.S. South"

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference 2013

Playing Off Courts: The Spaces of Adjucating Family and Violence

Reproductive Justice Symposium

Eleganza Extravaganza: Feminist Alliance Gay Straight Alliance Fundraiser

English Department Awards Day

Film & Book Signing: Mary Pickford, Queen of the Movies

Erin Koch, Lecture, “Saakashvili's "zero tolerance" Regime & Its Consequences”

How to Talk Turkey to the Family about GWS

Queer Lexington Walking Tour

VIP Film Series: The Purity Myth

VIP Center: Faculty & Staff Green Dot Lunch & Learn

VIP Center 3-Part Green Dot Training

"The Banality of Evil"/The Evil of Banality: Arendt, Genocide, Education

Lunafest: An Event for Bluegrass Domestic Violence Program

The VIP Center: LGBTQ Green Dot Initiation

Janet Stamatel Lecture, “Democracy, Crime, & Punishment in Central Eastern Europe”

“b-Mail: Everyday Communication on Birch bark in Medieval Russia”

"Energy Politics in Russia"

"Human Trafficking in the former USSR"

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

“Human Trafficking in Eurasia”

“Interpersonal violence in post-Soviet Russia: Socioeconomic change, political change, and alcohol.”

Year of Russia's Realms Animated Film Festival

Pre-Registration Open House hosted by English Department

UK Feminist Alliance Meeting

Nikky Finney and Reel World String Band: A Benefit Concert for the New Opportunity School for Women

Book Launch for Pray the Gay Away: The Extraordinary Lives of Bible Belt Gays

Helene Quanquin: "Feebler Voices?" Men in the American Women's Rights Movement, 1830-1890

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

GWS End of Year Ceremony

Silas House - This is My Heart For You

Kentucky Foreign Language Conference

Wired Coffee Chat With Dr. Karen Tice

Book Signing for Karen Tice's Queens of Academe: Beauty Pageantry, Student Bodies, and College Life

GWS Research Matters Series: Mary Anglin, "Fighting the Odds: Poverty, Race, and the Cultural Politics of Breast Cancer

GWS Symposium: Tamara Mose Brown, "Building a Community of Mothers: Under the Watchful Eye"

Tamara Mose Brown: "Nanny Networks: A Discussion about Raising Brooklyn"

GWS Research Matters Series: Nancy Schoenberg, "Addressing Cancer Inequalities Among Appalachian Women: A Decade of Diverse Research Endeavors"

GWS Research Matters Series: Melissa Stein "Bodies of Knowledge: Historical Perspectives on Race, Gender, and Biological Determinism""

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Karen Tice "Queens of Academe: Campus Pageantry and Student Life"

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Susan Bordo "Queen with Six Fingers: Origins of Popular Myths about Anne Boleyn"

GWS Breckinridge Bash

GWS Breckinridge Bash

UK Queer Reading Group

UK Queer Reading Group

UK Queer Reading Group

A Positive View of LGBTQ - Book Signing

Appalachian Speaker Series - Place Matters: Mary Gray

GWS Queens Lecture Series: Rusty Barrett, "Sickening Queens: Ethnic and Class Difference in Drag"

Symposium - Narrating the Caribbean: Food for the Soul or Food for Thought

Symposium - Narrating the Caribbean: Food for the Soul or Food for Thought

Anthropology Colloquium Series: Dr. Sholeh Sharokhi

LGBT Welcome Back Event

The Education of an Activist: Sophonisba Breckinridge's Kentucky Childhood

Understanding the Misconceptions of Islam: Jihad and more

Jean Baker discusses her new biography of Margaret Sanger

LGBT Task Force Film Series: "Kinky Boots"

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

Knit-In for the Diversity Project

“Insiders and Outsiders: Jewish Communities in the Appalachian Coalfields”

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

Father Justin Sinaites- "'We Knew Not Whether We Were in Heaven or on Earth': The Heritage of Russian Iconography"

Film and discussion: Raising Victor Vargas

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

Sociology Brownbag Research Series: Jamie Pond

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

Bandana Project Exhibit

GWS Dept and Graduate Student Union Meet & Greet

Carol Mason presents "Kinky Hillbilly Queens"

Panel on Immigration Issues Today

Lecture - Sexual Violence Against College Women

English Department Reception

Year of China: Awaken the Past, Discover the Future - Kick Off

Final Exams for 8-week Summer Session

First Day of Fall Semester

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