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UK/Regional Resources

Some helpful campus and surrounding area Women's Studies resources:

Violence against Women


UK Student Organizations 

  • Amnesty International
  • Gay-Straight Alliance
  • LGBTQ* Resources 
  • Society of Women Engineers (SWE)
  • Shades of Pride:  Shades of Pride exists to provide support and advocacy for students, staff and faculty of color who identify as either a member of the LGBTQ community or identify as allies for the LGBTQ community. Shades of Pride exists to provide its members with a safe space and a brave space to live their lives fully and truthfully no matter their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender expression, or gender identity. We welcome any and everyone with open arms.  Meeting: 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month at 5pm - Student Center, Room 228  President: Keenen McMillan:

Health Care

UK Library Resources

KY Women Writers Conference

GWS Internship Catalogue




External Resources

Databases (article databases available through the UK library)

Since women's studies is an interdisciplinary program of study, any article database could potentially be helpful for women's studies research. The following is a list of the available databases specific to women's studies, and/or multidisciplinary databases indexing women's studies journals.

  • Academic Search Premier (Ebscohost)

    Multi-disciplinary database which indexes over 8,000 publications and includes selected full-text. Database includes a number of women's studies journals (listed under publications in the category of gender studies). Available on campus and also off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff.

  • America: History and Life (Ebscohost)

    (ABC-Clio) (1954 - ; updated monthly) Provides access to citations and abstracts of journal literature, reviews, and dissertations on the history and culture of the U.S. and Canada from prehistoric times to the present. Covers over 2,000 journals published worldwide, including selected historical journals from major countries, state and local history journals, and a targeted selection of hundreds of journals in the social sciences and humanities. Over 90% of the articles included are published in English-language journals. Direct links to the full-text of some of the items in this database are available (look for Link to full text at at the bottom of each record). To see if we own a paper copy of the item, search the title in our online catalog, InfoKat. If we do not own the item in any format, and you are a UK-affiliate, you may request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

  • Defining Gender, 1450-1910

    "Advice Literature for men and women." Access to approximately 50,000 images of original manuscript and printed material, including a strong core of documents from the Bodleian Library, Oxford. Ephemeral material such as ballads, cartoons and pamphlets are featured alongside diaries, advice literature, medical journals, conduct books and periodicals. Structured into five sections: Conduct and Politeness (Section I) [available as of 3/10/04] and Domesticity and the Family (Section II) [available summer 2004]; the other three will be made available over the next three years: Consumption and Leisure (Section III), Education and Sensibility (Section IV) and The Body (Section V). Accessible via campus computers. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff.

  • GenderWatch

    Proquest (1970 - ) Fulltext database comprising periodicals and other publications that focus on how gender impacts a broad spectrum of subject areas. Covers over 175 publications. Simultaneous access restricted to two users. Accessible via campus computers. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff.

  • Historical Abstracts

    (Updated monthly)Covers events from 1450 to the present (excluding the United States and Canada). The database provides annotated bibliographic entries from 2,000 journals published worldwide. From ABC-Clio. Accessible via campus machines. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff; follow the proxy server access instructions on the UK Library website. 


    Searchable fulltext journal backfile collection. Individual titles are listed in the Fulltext Online Journals Database. Accessible via campus computers. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff; follow the proxy server access instructions on the UK Library website. 

  • ViVa

    (1975 - ) Vrouwengeschiedenis in het Vaktijdschrift (ViVa) is a bibliography of women's history in 149 historical and women's studies journals published in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish

  • Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600-2000,

    brings together books, images, documents, scholarly essays, commentaries, and bibliographies to document the multiplicity of women's reform movements. Accessible via campus computers. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff.

  • Women Writers Online
     Available from the Women Writers Project at Brown University. Fulltext, searchable access to works written by women authors, covering a period from 1400 to 1850. Covers a broad range of subject areas, in English and in English translation. Accessible via campus computers. Also available off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff.




  • International Women's Health Coalition

    The website of the resource library of the International Women's Health Coalition contains many downloaded full-text publications on international women's health issues including reproductive rights, gender and sexuality, HIV and STIs. The publications are arranged by topic and type, and include materials in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

  • National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC)

    The website of the National Breast Cancer Coalition (the largest US breast cancer advocacy group) contains a number of current publications on breast cancer including position papers, fact sheets, and analyses. The publications can be found by clicking on "breast cancer information" on the right hand side of the screen.

  • Office of Women's Health (CDC)

    The website of the Office of Women's Health of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention offers the full-text of a number of recent CDC publicatoins including fact sheets, recommendations, reports, disease trends, etc. The publications can be found by selecting one of a number of general topical categories.


First Wave: Suffrage

  • National Women's History Project: Women's Rights Movement

    Contains a history of the women's rights movement from 1848-1998 which includes a detailed timeline and links to current organizations working on issues relevant to the women's movement. Also contains a link to the homepage of the National Women's History Project which contains a biography of the honorees for the current year.

  • Political Culture and Imagery of the Women's Suffrage Movement

    Website of the National Women's History Musuem which explores the political and cultural imagery that emerged to promote the voting rights of women. Also includes links to additional resources on women's suffrage.

  • Votes for Women

    Selections from the National American Woman Suffrage Association Collection (1848-1921) of the Rare Books Division of the Library of Congress. The collection consists of the full-text of 167 books, pamphlets and other items. A majority of the items were donated to the Library of Congress in 1938 from the personal library of Carrie Chapman Catt. This digitized collection is part of the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.

  • Votes for Women, Suffrage Pictures 1850-1920

    A selection of 38 frequently requested photos from the Prints and Photographs Division and the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress. The photographs include potraits of suffragists, suffrage parades, picketing, cartoons, and anti-suffrage demonstrations.

  • Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture
    Acquires, preserves and makes available materials that reflect the public and private lives of women, past and present.

Second Wave: Women's Liberation Movement

  • Chicago Women's Liberation Union (CWLU)

    Contains the full-text of historical documents (i.e. memos, newsletters, leaflets, position papers, announcements) written by members of the Chicago Women's Liberation Movement during the Second Wave of Feminism. The site also contains the full-text of some classic second wave writings such as the NOW Statement of Purpose. The documents are arranged within the following broad categories: classic feminist writings; consciousness; sexuality; health; family; work; organizing; internationalism.

  • Women's Liberation Movement

    (Documents from the Women's Liberation Movement) Searchable database of full-text items from the Women's Liberation Movement in the United States taken from the archival collectin of Duke University. The collection focuses primarily on the radical origins of the movement, the second wave of feminism, in the 1960s and 1970s. Items can be searched for by keyword, by selecting one of the provided subject categories, or with multiple criteria by selecting advanced search.

General (and other) history resources

  • African American Women

    On-line, full-text archival collection of some scanned images and texts of a few African American women taken from the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University. The collection currently includes the memoirs of ELizabeth Johson Harris (1867-1942), a 1857 letter from Vilet Lester (a North Carolina plantation slave), and letters from Hannah Valentine and Lethe Johnson (slaves on the estate of Virginia's Governor Campbell).

  • Black American Feminisms

    A multidisciplinary bibliography of Black American feminist thought compiled by Sherri Barnes, Associate Librarian of the University of California Santa Barbara Libraries. The website for the bibliography is divided into disciplinary categories as well as format (speeches, interviews, etc.). Also contains links to other websites.

  • Civil War Women

    On-line, full-text archival collection of some scanned images and texts of a few Civil War women taken from the Rare Book, Manuscript, and Special Collections Library at Duke University. The collection currently includes the dairy of Alice Williamson (a 16 year old girl from Tennessee), the papers of Rose O'Neal Greenhow (a condeferate spy), and the papers of Sarah E. Thompson (a Union spy).

  • Diotima: materials for the study of women and gender in the ancient world

    A website that serves as an interdisciplinary resource for those interested in scholarship on women in the ancient world. The website includes course materials, a searchable bibliography with links to articles in JSTOR, and links to other resources on the web.

  • Feminae: Medieval Women and Gender Index

    Index of journal articles, book reviews, and essays on women during the Middle Ages.

  • Five College Archives Digital Access Project

    On-line full-text searchable database of the digitized versions of archival records relating to women's history from the archives of the Five College Corsortium (Amherst, Hampshire, Mt. Holyoke, Smith, U. Mass). The collection includes 38,000 items such as official college publications, letters, photographs, articles, oral histories, diaries, and more.

  • Gifts of Speech

    A free on-line, full-text database of speeches by contemporary women from around the world. The site includes a search option and also an option to browse by year or author.

  • Women in Congress
  • Women of the Hall

    A searchable collection of the biographies of the women inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame.

  • Working Women, 1800-1930

    Part of Harvard's Open Collections Program, Women Working 1870 - 1930, provides access to the full-text of digitized historical documents and image resources taken from Harvard's library and museum collections. The collection documents women's roles in the US economy between the Civil War and the Great Depression. The collection contains 2,693 books and pamphlets, 1,125 photographs, and 7,489 manuscript pages.

International resources

  • Global Fund for Women

    Link to the publications page of the website of the Global Fund for Women (a grantmaking organization supporting women's human rights organizations around the world). The site contains agency publications and reports on topics such as the impact of the grantmaking activities on women's lives.

  • Human Rights Watch

    Link to the publication page of Human Rights Watch's (an international human rights organization based in the US which publishes reports on human rights violations around the world) website which contains a number of full-text, downloadable PDF files of reports on women's human rights.

  • Women Watch

    Under the section Statistics and Indicators of the Women Watch website of the United Nations Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality (, are a number of reports, databases, and archives relating to gender equality and women's human rights around the world.

  • Women's Environment and Development Organization

    Link to the library of the Women's Environmental Development Organization (WEDO), an international organization that advocates for women's equality in global policy. The WEDO library contains the full-text (downloadable PDF) of documents produced by WEDO and arranged in broad subject categories such as human rights, globalization, natural resources, poverty eradication, etc.

  • Women's International League for Peace and Freedom

    Link to the publications page of WILPF which contains online versions of some publications including reports on issues related to women and peace. (You must scroll to the bottom of the page for the free-online versions; past the section on ordering.)

Journals and Magazines

Literature/ women writers

  • Voices from the Gaps: Women Writers of Color

    A world wide web searchable database of women writers of color in North America (created and maintained by the University of Minnesota Department of English, and the Program in American Studies). Each individual author page contains biographical and bibliographical information, images, and links to other websites on the author. The author pages can be searched with the following criteria: by name, by place of birth or residence, by significant dates, and by ethnic/racial identity.

  • Victorian Women Writers Project

    Provides full-text of works by British women writers of the 19th century including anthologies, novels, political pamphlets, religious tracts, children's books, and volumes of poetry and verse drama.

Policy and Politics

  • American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

    The website of the ACLU contains a number of full-text publications dealing with women's rights. The current publications can be found by selecting women's rights under the issues menu.

  • Center for American Women and Poltics

    A unit of the Eagleton Institute of Poltics at Rutgers, the website of the Center for American Women and Politics contains a number of on-line pdf reports in the following categories: women and US politics; women in the US congress; women in state legislatures; the effect of term limits on women and minorities; and reports on CAWP funded research projects.

  • Emily's List

    The website of Emily's List, a political network for pro-choice democratic candidates, contains information on candidates they endorse.

  • Feminist Majority Foundation

    The website of the Feminist Majority Foundation contains a number of resources including full-text reports, issue papers and fact sheets on women's issues, links to other websites, a database on women's studies programs, etc.

  • Institute for Women's Policy Research

    The website of the Institute for Women's Policy Research, a non-profit public policy research organization, contains a large number of full-text PDF research reports in the following 5 categories: poverty and welfare; employment and earnings; work and family issues; health and safety; women's civic and political participation.

  • International Women's Democrary Center

    Link to the resources section of the IWDC website which contains a short history and timelines on worldwide women's participation in politics.

  • League of Women Voters

    Under the E-library section, the website of the national office of the League of Women Voters contains numerous full-text current and historical documents on elections, League issues, and other items. During election cycles, the League provides non-partisan candidate and ballot information.

  • National Organization for Women

    The website of the National Organization for Women contains a number of full-text documents (current and archival) on feminist issues. The documents can be found under the section "Issues" and are arranged topically.

Reproductive rights

  • Center for Reproductive Rights

    Provides free downloadable reports, fact sheets, briefing papers, and other publications on reproductive rights (i.e. abortion, birth control, sexually transmitted infections, and pregnancy)

  • Feminist Campus

    The website of the worldwide pro-choice feminist student network, Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance, sponsored by the Feminist Majority Foundation.

  • NARAL Pro-Choice America 

    Provides free downloadable publications and fact sheets on reproductive rights in the United States. (Formerly the National Abortion Rights Action League: a non-profit organization in the U.S. committed to ensuring a woman's right to choose )

  • Planned Parenthood

    Provides free downloadable fact sheets, reports, and white papers on reproductive rights topics such as abortion, birth control, family planning, sexuality, and teen pregnancy

Research Centers

  • re:gender (formally the National Council for Research on Women)

    Although this website does not contain fulltext, it provides summary information on NCRW supported research projects, and links to affiliated research organizations in the U.S.

  • Wellesley Centers for Women

    The website of the Wellesley Centers for Women contains abstracts of current and past research projects. The site notes that it offers for free on-line each month the full-text for a selected publication.

Science and Technology

  • Cambridge Association for Women in Science and Engineering (AWiSE)

    The website of AWiSE, a British membership organization devoted equity in science and engineering, contains a number of articles.

  • Association for Women in Science                                                                                                             Dedicated to achieving equity and full participation for women in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
  • Contributions of 20thCentury Women to Physics

    A searchable database of biographical information on 83 women who made significant contributions to physics in the 20th century (before 1976).

  • Women Mathematicians

    A website project of students in mathematics classes at Agnes College that contains biographies (essays or comments and some photos) of important women in mathematics. The biographies are listed both chronologically and alphabetically.

Violence Against Women

Women in Kentucky

  • Kentucky Women in Agriculture (KWIA)

    Website of the Kentucky non-profit organization devoted to empowering women in agriculture through education, involvement, and action.

  • Kentucky Commission on Women

    The website of the Kentucky Commission on Women (a Kentucky state administrative agency that is part of the governor's office) contains recent publications including task force findings.

  • The Kentucky Foundation For Women

    The mission of the Kentucky Foundation for Women is to promote positive social change by supporting varied feminist expression in the arts. 

  • Notable Kentucky African Americans

    Website containing subject lists of and brief biographical information on notable African Americans in KY (includes women, but does not list women as a category).

Women's Studies Programs

Other lists of Women's Studies websites

The following links are to other websites that contain subject lists of webs resources for women's studies