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* Congratulations to Jenn Hunt and Abby Folberg for their newest publication.   This work is an important advance in how we think about measuring prejudice and prejudice reduction:  Hunt, J. S., Folberg, A. M., & Ryan, C. S. (in press). Tolerance of racism: A new construct predicts prejudice confrontation. European Journal of Social Psychology
*Congratulations to Abby Folberg and Ellen Riggle on their newest publication. This paper develops a measure of a minority stressor for LGBTQ folks that can be used to understand distress and well-being: Riggle, E. D. B.., Folberg, A.M., Richardson, M. T. & Rostosky, S. S. (in press). The development of the hypervigilance scale for gender and sexual minorities. Stigma and Health
* Carol Mason was recently featured in Ms. Magazine twice.  You can read Dr Mason's first article here and the second article  here.
* Frances Henderson was featured in Inside Higher Ed with a two part article offering tips for faculty members who are Black, Indigenous and people of color to help alleviate anxiety as they prepare for 2021.  You can read the first installment here and the second installment here
* Congratualtions to Cristina Alcalde, who was featured in the Nov/Dec issue of Anthropology News (V 61/Issue 6). 

* Congrats to Srimati Basu on her latest publication in Feminist Anthropology- "The End(s) of Marriage: Feminists, Antifeminists, and Indian Law".  You can read the article here
* Aria Halliday was recently featured in NBC Today about the future of America according to teachers.  You can read the article here
* On May1, 2020 we gathered virtually via zoom for the annual GWS end of year awards day, where several GWS undergraduate, graduate, and graduate certificate students were presented with awards. Congratulations to all the awardees!
  • GWS Honors: Annie Martyn, Erin Hoskins, Melissa Rueff
  • 2020 Joan Callahan Award for Scholastic Achievement: Annie Martyn
  • 2020 Kate Black Award for Activism: Erin Hoskins
  • 2020 Jan Oaks Feminist Creativity Award: Lydia Fletcher
  • 2020 Tomasky Leaders:  Lauren Blalock, Madison Miller
  • Space, Place, and Southern Grace Fund for Feminist Studies:  Michelle Kuiper
  • GWS graduate certificate awardees: Alyssa Campbell, Daniela Contreras Perez-Sosa, Rachel Davis, Kathryn Kohls, Cheryl Kwok, Kiersty Lemon-Rogers, Rachel McCoy, Emily Naser-Hall
  • 2020 Bonnie Jean Cox Graduate Research Awards:  Ruwen Chang, Mikaela Feroli, Alina Hecher, Mel Lesch, and Payton Moore





































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