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Edward Morris


Ph.D., University of Texas, Austin


My research interests include the intersections of race, class, and gender; sociology of education; and critical studies of masculinity and whiteness. My articles appear in journals such as Social Problems, Symbolic Interaction, Youth & Society, Sociology of Education, Gender & Society, and American Sociological Review. My books include An Unexpected Minority: White Kids in an Urban School (Rutgers University Press 2006), and Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place, and the Gender Gap in Education (Rutgers University Press 2012).


Selected Publications:


Edward W. Morris. 2012. Learning the Hard Way: Masculinity, Place, and the Gender Gap in Education. Rutgers University Press..

Edward W. Morris. 2006. An Unexpected Minority: White Kids in an Urban School. Rutgers University Press.


Selected Articles:

Edward W. Morris and Brea L. Perry. 2017. "Girls Behaving Badly? Race, Gender, and Subjective Evaluation in the Discipline of African American Girls. Sociology of Education 90: 127-148.

Edward W. Morris and Brea L. Perry. 2016. "The Punishment Gap: School Suspension and Racial Disparities in Achievement." Social Problems 63: 68-86.

Brea L. Perry and Edward W. Morris. 2014. "Suspending Progress: Collateral Consequences of Exclusionary Punishment in Public Schools." American Sociological Review 79: 1067-1087.

Edward W. Morris. 2012. “Repelling the ‘Rutter’: Social Differentiation among Rural Teenagers.” Forthcoming, Symbolic Interaction

Edward W. Morris. 2011. “Bridging the Gap: ‘Doing Gender,’ ‘Hegemonic Masculinity,’ and the Educational Troubles of Boys.” Sociology Compass  5: 92–103.

Edward W. Morris. 2010. “‘Snitches End up in Ditches’ and Other Cautionary Tales.” Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice 26: 245-272.

Edward W. Morris. 2008. “‘Rednecks,’ ‘Rutters’, and ‘Rithmetic: Social Class, Masculinity, and Schooling in a Rural Context.” Gender & Society 22: 728-751.


Current Projects

Current projects include an analysis of racial disparities in school discipline (suspensions, expulsions, office referrals) with Dr. Brea Perry. This research uses longitudinal data from school district records to analyze differences in race, class, and gender in student punishments. Other work includes a project on the use of smokeless tobacco among rural boys and a project on racial disparties in the juvenile justice system.