Summer Courses


To view GWS courses offered during a specific semester, visit the online University Course Catalogue. Select the semester desired from the drop-down menu, then type "GWS" in the Course Prefix box or select GWS from the drop-down menu. There may also be GWS courses listed under the general "A&S" prefix or as Discovery Seminar Program "DSP" courses. Note that actual course offerings are subject to change, but this guide will provide the most current information available.



GWS 200-210:  Sex and Power 
Dates: June 10- July 8 (online)     Instructor:  Adriana Sisko

How is power forged through Tinder dating rituals, or by the very laws of society? GWS 200 introduces students to the field of Gender and Women’s Studies by looking specifically at two concepts: sex and power. The premise of this course is that sex, historically and currently, is a primary organizing principle of society. Students will investigate a number of categories of difference (including sex, sexuality, race, and ability) in our culture and personal lives. GWS 200 takes a cross-cultural, interdisciplinary, and interactive approach. Students will think independently and critically to engage with a wide range of materials from trending Twitter hashtags to scientific studies. This course meets USP and/or UK Core requirement (Intellectual Inquiry, Social Science) and counts toward requirements for undergraduate GWS majors and minors.

GWS 201-210:  Gender and Pop Culture
Dates:  May 12-July 7 (online)     Instructor:  Alina Hechler

This course examines the role of popular culture in the construction of gendered identities in contemporary society. We examine a wide range of popular cultural forms – including music, computer games, movies, and television – to illustrate how femininity and masculinity are produced, represented, and consumed. This course serves as an introduction to Gender and Women’s Studies (GWS) from a humanities perspective. We will explore the ways identities are constructed through various types of media and popular culture. Representations of gender are central to our study but are always already influenced by other social categories, such as race, sexuality, and class. As a class, in addition to scholarly work, we will investigate how different kinds of texts, such as music videos, movies, television, advertisements, social media, and fictional work, shape our understanding and experience regarding what it means to be a “man” or a “woman.” Throughout this exploration, we will also consider how representation affects us as individuals and as communities in ways to reproduce and perpetuate the social hierarchy of gender, race, sexuality, and class.  This course meets USP and/or UK Core requirements (Intellectual Inquiry, Humanities) and counts toward requirements for undergraduate GWS majors and minors. 

GWS 302-210:  Gender Across the World: Reproductive Justice Across the World
Dates:  May 12- June 9 (online)   Instructor:  Ruwen Chang

This course, GWS 302: Reproductive Justice around the World, seeks to take students to a journey to comprehend the transnational nature of reproductive politics in contemporary societies. Along the way, students will learn the definition and application of the reproductive justice framework, especially how it is complicated by globalization, via specific phenomena of pregnancy, birth, reproductive technologies, stratified reproduction, and masculinities. Toward the end, students will expand their understanding of reproductive justice by witnessing solidarities across various movements for social justice, such as multi-species environmental justice, racial justice, and gender justice. This course is particularly beneficial for students who are interested in social justice, international studies, and the politics of reproduction.  This course counts toward requirements for GWS majors and minors and fulfills the UK Core requirements for Global Dynamics.







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