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The Gender and Women's Studies Program offers an undergraduate minor that includes courses in Gender and Women's Studies and related courses in a variety of departments.


I. Requirements for the Gender and Women's Studies Minor:

18 hours of courses, including:

  • GWS 200: Sex & Power OR GWS 201: Gender & Popular Culture (3 credit hours)
  • GWS 250:  Social Movements (3 credit hours) ) OR GWS 340:  History of Feminist Thought to 1977 (3 credit hours)
  • GWS 350: Introduction to Feminist Theory (3 credit hours) 
  • 9 hours of approved electives. The Program creates a list of elective courses that count towards the Minor every semester at least two weeks before registration. For the current semester's course offerings, check the course page here.

The additional nine hours of course work are to be taken from courses approved as Gender and Women's Studies elective courses. These courses are listed each semester. Lists can be obtained in the Gender and Women's Studies Office, 112 Breckinridge Hall, or online here.

II. Declaring a Minor in Gender and Women's Studies:

  • If you are planning to minor in Gender and Women’s Studies, you need to make the request to declare the minor in your primary college even if your major is in another college and the minor you want is an A&S minor.
  • If your primary college is A&S (which means you are majoring in an A&S department) and you want to declare a minor in GWS, please go to the Advising office in 202 Patterson Office Tower and use the “Change your Major” kiosk. (If the kiosk is not available please ask the advising office for a declaration of minor form instead.  This needs to be completed and returned to the advising office in 202 POT.)
  • If your primary college is not A&S, you must declare the GWS minor through your primary college.  Please contact your primary college for instructions on how to declare the minor. 

Students undertaking the GWS minor are encouraged to meet with a Gender & Women's Studies advisor of her/his choice, either the GWS Director of Undergraduate Studies or another of the GWS affiliated faculty members. 

GWS faculty also can assist students who wish to develop an undergraduate major in GWS under the Topical Major Program.