GWS welcomes our newest faculty member: Charlie Yi Zhang

Charlie Yi Zhang received his Ph.D. in Gender Studies from Arizona State University in 2013. After joining University of Kentucky in August 2015, he soon found his intellectual home in the Department of Gender and Women’s Studies. For the fall of 2015, he taught GWS 250: Social Movements and GWS 302: Gender Across the World—Transnational Perspectives and will teach GWS 200: Sex & Power and GWS 302: Gender Across the World- Masculinities during the spring 2016 semester. In addition to teaching, Dr. Zhang is currently finishing a book manuscript titled “China in Transition: Queering the Intersectional Logic of Neoliberalization.” Focusing on China’s recent social changes, this book intends to shed light on how the Chinese government has been managing and regulating the Chinese population and individual life through the intersectional lenses of gender, class and sexuality to reshape human subjects and modes of living for facilitating its marketization and reintegration with the global economy.


Dr. Zhang has also started a new research project about the new modes of economies that appeal to and recreate people’s desires, emotions and social relationships through gender, race, class and sexuality, including the reproductive industries in Thailand and South Korea, and social-media-based gay entrepreneurship in China and the US. Dr. Zhang appreciates the opportunities of conducting research and teaching in his home discipline at the UK, and wants to share his experience with students of how feminism has transformed and benefited his life.



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