GWS welcomes new faculty this fall



Dr. Anastasia Todd is our newest assistant professor. She specializes in Feminist Disability Studies, Girlhood Studies, and Affect Theory. Her research has been showcased in journals such as Transformations and Girlhood Studies with titles such as “Disabled Girlhood and Flexible Exceptionalism in HBO’s Miss You Can Do It” and “’Cute Girl in Wheelchair—Why?’: Cripping Youtube,” which was nominated for the Center for LGBTQ Studies Sylvia Rivera Award in Transgender Studies. She has also had featured book chapters in Youth Meditations and Affective Relations and MTV and Teen Pregnancy: Critical Essays on 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. Dr. Todd has taught courses on Women and Sexuality, Gender and Disability, History of Feminist Thought, Feminist Methods, and Affect Theory. She will be joining us from Arizona State University where she earned her Ph.D. in Gender & Women’s Studies. 







Dr. Jenn Hunt will be joining us from Buffalo State SUNY. Dr. Hunt coordinated the Gender & Women’s Studies program at Buffalo State, garnering many awards for her work along the way. She is a social psychologist by training whose research examines stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination, behavior in legal contexts, and the effects of gender, race, and culture in our daily lives. Her work has been featured in journals such as Behavioral Sciences and the Law, Organization and Environment, and Journal of Experimental Social Psychology with titles such as “Sexual Harassment Trials Involving Latina Plaintiffs: Effects of a Cultural Relativist Argument and Juror Background," “The Other Side of the Diaspora: Race, Threat, and the Social Psychology of Evacuee Reception in Predominately White Communities," and “The Stereotype Rebound Effect: Universal or Culturally Bounded Process?” This fall she will teach Social Inequalities under the Law and Sex and Power. In the spring, she will teach Psychology of Gender and a graduate seminar. In addition, she serves as Associate Editor of Law and Human Behavior. 



Dr. Christina Haynes will be joining GWS and AAAS from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse as a visiting lecturer. Her research specializes in African American Women, Black Feminist Thought, Academic Achievement, and Feminist Geography. She received her Ph.D. from Ohio State University and has been featured in journals such as The Journal of African American History, National Political Science Review, and Enrollment Management Journal with titles such as “Taking to the Airwaves: Using Content Analysis of Survey Toplines and Filmographies to test the ‘Michelle Obama Image Transformation’” and “’You Expect Me to Be That Way?’ Academically Successful African American Women’s Counter-Narratives to Stereotypical Images.” She has taught courses on Ethnic and Racial Studies, Hip Hop Culture, Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, and Black Feminist Thought. Last year, she taught Introduction to African American Studies for AAAS. She will be teaching Gender and Popular Culture in the fall and Black Women Leaders in the spring.

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