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About the Department

The Department of Gender and Women's Studies at the University of Kentucky investigates gender broadly conceived, and the cultures and contributions of women worldwide from feminist/womanist perspectives.

The purpose of the department is to develop and coordinate an interdisciplinary curriculum in Gender and Women's Studies at the undergraduate and graduate levels; support critical research, teaching and public programming in Gender and Women's Studies that take into account various beliefs about gender, race, class, and sexuality; and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. The Gender and Women's Studies Department aims to serve the university and the Commonwealth through promotion of equity and commitment to excellence.


Administration and Staff

Ellen Riggle
1635 Patterson Office Tower

Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Melissa Stein
206 Breckinridge Hall

Director of Graduate Studies:
Jenn Hunt
206A Breckinridge Hall

TA Coordinator:
Elizabeth Williams
205 Breckinridge Hall

Department Manager:
Michelle Del Toro
GWS Office, 110 Breckinridge Hall 0056