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Take a look at these two new pieces that feature quotes from Aria Halliday "It's Rat Girl Summer.  Grab a Snack" in the Washington Post and "How Black Women Rappers Expanded What Barbie Could Be" in GQ.

Check out Aria Halliday's op ed, "How new era Barbie finally made me want a doll" featured in the Herald Leader and UK Now:

Congratulations to Lukas Bullock, whose article "Exporting Sexköpslagen: Sweden, Sex Work, and the Moral Stakes of Externalizing Feminist Policy" has been published in Sexuality Research and Social Policy.

If you would like to read some journalistic takes ahead of the Barbie movie, you can check out some quotes from Aria Halliday in PBS News Hour's story about the history of Barbie.  

Aria Halliday and Ashley N. Payne's article “From #HotGirlSummer to #HotNerdFall: Megan Thee Stallion, ratchet-respectability, and the Socioeducational identities of Black girls/women” was recently published in Gender and Education.

Check out the UK Now story about Elizabeth Williams' 2023 Provost Outstanding Teaching Award.

GWS celebrated our annual awards day on May 1, 2023.  Congratulations to our award winners!

  • GWS Honors Students: Colton Barton, Hallie Lintner, Lora Lovings, Audrey Matthews-Fields, Laura O'Flanagan, & Quinn Troia
  • 2023 Joan Callahan Award for Scholastic Achievement:  Colton Barton & Audrey Matthews-Fields
  • 2023 Kate Black Award for Activism:  Mack Thompson
  • 2023 Jan Oaks Feminist Creativity Award: Quinn Troia
  • 2023 Space, Place, & Southern Grace Fund for Feminist Studies: Hallie Lintner
  • GWS graduate certificate awardees: Erin Aiello, Jesus Ponte Bernal, Daniela Clvache, Rebeca Ponce Ochoa, Jordan McCray, Michelle Roberts, and Paula Ruiz Santamaria
  • 2023 OPSVAW Graduate Fellowship: Lukas Bullock

Congratulations to Carol Mason, who has been appointed A&S Otis A. Singletary Chair in the Humanities, 2023-2027.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Williams, who is the recipient of the 2023 UK Outstanding Teaching Award. 

Congratulations to Aria Halliday, who has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure!

Congratulations to Ellen Riggle, who received first place in the Carnegie Center's Harriet A. Rose Legacies writing contest.

Congrats to Lukas Bullock, who was selected as a finalist for 2023 Grad Teach Live!

The triple issue of Law and Human Behavior that Jenn Hunt guest edited with Stephane Shepard has been released.  The special issue's topic is Racial Justice in the Criminal Justice and Legal Systems.  Congratulations Jenn!

Congratulations to Hallie Lintner for being awarded the 2023 Space, Place, and Southern Grace for Feminist Studies Scholarship. 

Congratulations to Frances Henderson, whose new article "If You Hold Them, Will They Come?": Encouraging Students to Use Office Hours" is featured in Higher Ed Jobs.

Frances Henderson's latest article, "Black Feminist Pedagogy in White Southern Spaces" has been published in Feminist Pedagogy, Volume 3, Issue 1.  Congratulations, Frances!

Congrats to Lee Mandelo, whose article "'Don't Let Me Fly': on Intimacy and Fame in BTS's Map of the Soul: 7", is featured in the Post45 Contemporaries: Hallyu Project special issue.  

Congratulations to Charlie Yi Zhang, recipient of the Southeast Conference of the Association for Asian Studies 2023 Outstanding Book Prize for his book Dreadful Desires: The Uses of Love in Neoliberal China!

Congratulations to Anastasia Todd, whose upcoming book Crippling Girlhood has been chosen for the 2022 Tobin Siebers Prize for Disability Studies in the Humanities. You can read the announcement here.

Kudos to Lukas Bullock and the Kentucky Tenants for their activism work on behalf of Lexington renters.  The group is presenting a Tenants Bill of Rights to the Lexington Council in order to provide more protections for renters. You can read the Herald Leader article here

Lee Mandelo's article, "More of Us Beyond This Room": Feminist (Hi)stories and Solidarity in The Future of Another Timeline" has been published in SIGNS. Congrats, Lee!

Congratulations to Rusty Barrett, Professor in the Department of Linguistics and GWS faculty affiliate, who has been named the LSA 2023 Arnold Zwicky Award recipient. You can read the announcement here:  

Please check out the newest issue of the GWS newsletter.  You can download a PDF copy here

Congratulations to Snehal Sharma, who was named as Honorable Mention for the 2022 NWSA Graduate Scholarship for her work, Honor, Holiness and Hate: A Recipe for the Hindu Nation. 

Aria Halliday was featured in Crooked Media’s Hysteria podcast on reproductive justice for Black girls and women:… and the New Books Popular Culture story about her book:

Congratulations to our newest PhD graduates:  Dr. Ruwen Chang and Dr. Miles Feroli

New Documentary Released -- Becoming Myself: Positive Trans & Nonbinary Identities The film is available to watch for free on the YouTube channel at The ten-minute film features narratives from the lives of seven transgender and nonbinary identified young adults who discuss the positive aspects of their identities and offer support for other transgender and nonbinary people. Individuals featured in the film reflect on their experiences navigating gender identity and how their journey has impacted them.   The film is directed and produced by Michael Breeding (Michael Breeding MEDIA); Executive Producers Zakary Clements, Ellen D.B. Riggle, and Sharon S. Rostosky; with funding support from JustFundKY.

Susan Bordo, professor emerita, has newly been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. You can read more about Susan and this honorary society here.  Congratulations, Susan!

Congrats to Aria Halliday - the recipient of the 2022-23 Harrington Faculty Fellowship through the Center for Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Texas - Austin!  Professor Halliday will be in residence in Austin for the coming academic year working on her second book project! 

Congratulations to Mel Stein, recipient of a 2022 Outstanding Teaching Award from the University of Kentucky!  This is the campus-wide award for regular and STS faculty recognizing excellence in teaching in the classroom and beyond.  Mel's impact on the educational opportunities and experiences of students in GWS - and other programs, is inspiring.  

Dr. Frances Henderson has been elected President of WGS - South, The Association for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality in the South! Congrats Frances! 

Congratulations to Professor Frances Henderson on receiving a grant from The Louisville Institute to support her research project Black Rural Lives Matter: African American Churches and Anti Racist Organizing in The Rural South. Excellent news for her on-going work and book project! Learn more about the grant here.

Snehal Sharma recently published her article "Anti-Love Jihad Law: An Analysis of Women's Religious and Marital Rights," in a special issue of Explorations, the e-journal of the Indian Sociological Society. Congrats Snehal! You can find the article here.

Congratulations to Charlie Yi Zhang, whose artile, "Releasing Masculinity for a More Just World: Lessons on How to 'Be Water' in Hong Kong," won the best paper award of the Southeast Asian Studies Association!

Congratulations to Carol Mason, who was named 2021-2022 University Research Professor. 

Congratulations to Patricia Cooper, Professor Emerita, for being awarded one of the highest honors in the College of Arts and Sciences by being inducted to the A&S Hall of Fame on April 9, 2021.