Kyle Eveleth

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  • PhD Candidate
  • Teaching Assistant
  • English
  • Gender and Women's Studies
1218 Patterson Office Tower
(859) 257-6990
Research Interests:
[Spr 17] Tu/Th, 2-3 and 5-6; by appointment

BS English, with Honors, Central Michigan University 2010
BS Psychology, with Honors, Central Michigan University 2010
MA English, Magna Cum Laude, Central Michigan University 2012


Kyle Eveleth is a PhD candidate at the University of Kentucky, serving as an instructor of record in the English and WRD departments and as a non-service McNair Fellow. His recent work examines borders and limits in graphic narratives, examining the ways in which the visual "boundedness" of comics art within frames (panels, sequences, pages, books, series) simultaneously contains and liberates their thematic and interpretive content. His dissertation reconsiders the dominant narrative of the production and proliferation of young adult literature and culture in the United States. Together with Joseph Michael Sommers (Assoc. Prof., Central Michigan University) he is the co-editor of the forthcoming volume The Comics Work of Neil Gaiman: In Darkness, In Light, and In Shadow

Selected Publications: 


"Striking Camp: Empowerment and Re-Presentation in Lumberjanes." Good Grief! Children and Comics. Eds: Michelle Ann Abate and Joe Sutliff Sanders, Columbus, OH: Ohio State University Libraries, 2016. PDF. Web.

"Regimes of Prestige and Power: Transnational Authorship and International Acclaim in Rutu Modan's Exit Wounds." disClosure 25 (Spring 2016): 7-26. Web.

"A Vast 'Network of Transversals': Labyrinthine Aesthetics in Fun Home.South Central Review 32.3 (Fall 2015): 88-109. Web.

"Rust and Revitalization: The So-Called Bronze and Modern Age of Comics." The American Comic Book. Ed. Joseph Sommers. Hackensack, NJ: Salem Press, 2014.

"When Players Feel Helpless: Agentic Decay and Participation in Narrative Games." Synthesis: An Anglophone Journal of Comparative Literary Studies 6.1 (2014). Web.

"Crucial Convergence: Scott Pilgrim as Transmedial Test Case." Textual Overtures 1.1 (April 2013): 1-14. Web.

[Book Review] "First Opinion: A Day in the Life of a Pre-School Daredevil." First Opinions, Second Reactions 6.1 (2013): 15-16. Web.

Tricks, Codes, and Tips: Tricky Language, Participatory Elements, and Transmedial Storytelling in Scott Pilgrim; Or, "Sex, Lies, and Videogames." MA Thesis, Central Michigan University 2012.

Recent Presentations:

"Canis Canem Edit: Revising Bully's Bullies." Children's Literature Association. 2013 CHLA Conference, Biloxi, MS, June 2013.

"Girl Gets Estate: Subalterity and Mansfield Park." University of Kentucky EGSO. 2013 EGSO Conference, Lexington, KY, Mar. 2013.

"Interconnected Indebtedness: The Anarchy of Debt in Open-World Games." Midwest Modern Language Assocation. 2012 MMLA Conference, Cincinatti, OH, Nov. 2012.


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