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Three Chemistry Undergraduates Present their Research at Posters at the Capitol in Frankfort, KY

Three chemistry undergraduate researchers from the University of Kentucky, along with more than 200 other student representatives from across the state, presented their research Frankfort, KY, on February 25th to showcase their research to the state legislature at Posters at the Capitol.  

Posters at the Capitol is a a one-day annual event held to educate the Kentucky state legislators of the importance of undergraduate research and scholarly work.  The governor, members of the General Assembly, and representatives from students' hometowns are able to engage directly with the scholars on this day. The following students from the Department of Chemistry presented their research.

Amir Kucharski: “Understanding Ion Binding Anity and Selectivity in Beta Parvalbumin Using Molecular Dynamics and Mean Sphere Approximation Theory.” Mentor: PRof. Peter Kekenes-Huskey.

Courtney McKelphin: “Optimization of Microalgae Lipid Extracts for the Production of Fuels.” Mentor: Prof. Mark Crocker.

Karl Hempel: “Producing Reactive Intermediates via Photodriven Electron Transfer.” Mentors: Prof. Anne-Frances Miller and John Patrick Hoben.