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Naming and the Politics of Inclusivity in Latinidad

Speaker(s) / Presenter(s):
Maria Scharron-del Rio (Brooklyn College), Daniela Gamez (UK Latino Student Union), Rusty Barrett (UK)

In the last three years, Latinx and Latine have become increasingly popular substitutes for gender-non neutral words such as Latino and Latina and for the neutral but dichotomous Latin@. The words Latine and Latinx are thought to be more inclusive for speakers who are LGBTQ or gender non-conforming. Indeed, Latinx circulated in LGBTQ communities long before it gained broader usage. At the same time, the prominence of the word Latinx has generated backlash. Members of the Latin American, Caribbean and Latino Studies community at UK have considered replacing the word Latino with something else. Indeed, informal communications over the past two years have used both Latinx and Latin@ in place of Latino.  LACLS is proposing a panel that would explore the scholarship and identity politics surrounding the issue and lay the groundwork for a potential change to LACLS’ official name.

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