Affiliated Faculty

Faculty Home Department
Anderson, Debra Nursing
Anglin, Mary Anthropology
Barnes, Tiffany Political Science
Barrett, Rusty English/Linguisitics
Bell, Shannon Sociology
Bishop, Malachy Rehabilitation Counseling
Brown, Christia Spears Psychology
Brown, Robyn Sociology
Chambers, K. Lindsey Philosophy
Chassen-Lopez, Francie History
Cook, Blanche Law
Ehrkamp, Patricia Geography
Eldred, Janet English
Engstrom, Erika School of Journalism and Media
Farr, Rachel Psychology
Goldstein, Beth Educational Policy and Evaluation
Hamilton, Regina English
Harley, Debra Rehabilitation Counseling
Harris, Rosalind Appalachian Center
Hill, DaMaris English & AAAS
Human, Julie Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
James, Pearl English
Jelen, Sheila Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
Kern, Kathi History
Liberato, Ana Sociology
Logan, TK Behavioral Science
Luo, Liang Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
Lyon, Sarah Anthropology
Mallozi, Christine Curriculum and Instruction
Matias, Cheryl Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Michelman, Susan Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles
Miller-Spillman, Kim Merchandising, Apparel, and Textiles
Moloney, Mairead Sociology
Morris, Ed Sociology
Mutersbaugh, Tad Geography    
Nenadic, Natalie Philosophy
Petrone, Karen History
Potterton, Amanda Educational Leadership Studies
Price, Melynda Law
Pucci, Suzanne Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures (retired)
Reber, Dierdra Hispanic Studies
Renzetti, Claire Sociology
Roberts, Sue Geography
Rouhier-Willoughby, Jeanmarie Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
Rust, Marion English
Rostosky, Sharon Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology
Sauer, Jeorg Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
Schoenberg, Nancy Behavioral Science
Scott, Shaunna Sociology
Secor, Anna Geography
Slaymaker, Doug Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures
Sossou, Marie Antoninette Social Work  
Soto-Vega, Karrieann WRD
Superson, Anita Philosophy
Takenaka, Akiko History
Taylor, Amy History
Trask, Michael English
Udvardy, Monica Anthropology
Whitlock, Tammy History
Williams, Corrine Health, Behavior, & Society
Worley, Linda Modern & Classical Languages and Cultures (retired)
Yam, Shui-yin Sharon WRD


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