Featured Stories

In Memoriam: Jan Oaks

A collection of memories from people who had the honor of having Jan Oaks be a part of their lives.

Secor Named First Sheikh Islamic Studies Professor

Anna Secor, professor of geography, social theory, and gender and women’s studies at the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences, has been named the university’s first Hajja Razia Sharif Sheikh Islamic Studies Professor.

A Look Inside Gender, Film, and Appalachia

Carol Mason's class examines the range of representation in images of Appalachia and Appalachians in popular media.

Defining Borders: Social Theory Graduate Course

Every spring the Committee on Social Theory offers the team-taught seminar—always with four professors. Previous course themes/names for the seminar have included “Law, Sex, and Family” “Autobiography,” and “Security.” But previous seminars may not have spoken so directly to the professors’ personal backgrounds as “Transnational Lives” does with this team of four.

GWS 302-001

Gender Across The World: Anne Boleyn

Course Description

Interdisciplinary comparative and transnational examination of issues of gender focused around particular themes and locations. Thematic focus explicating gender which also illuminates questions of history and political economy in specific locations. Introduces students to research and a variety of analytical questions in the field as well as the interaction between locales/people and structural processes. May be taken up to 9 credit hours under different subtitles. Does not allow multiple bookings in same semester.

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