Message from the Chair

Welcome to the UK Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

We are thrilled to welcome our first cohort of Ph.D. students this year. Many thanks to all for making this milestone happen. We are very excited about offering a Ph.D. in gender and women’s studies, the first in the state of Kentucky.  We look forward to the intellectual energy that these GWS doctoral students will bring to our department as a whole, our undergraduate major and minor, and our graduate certificate program.

In addition to our eight core faculty members and over 50 affiliated faculty working in a broad range of departments and colleges across campus, we are very excited about our new faculty member who will be joining us this fall. Dr. Chamara Kwayke will hold a joint appointment with Gender and Women’s Studies and the African American and Africana Studies Program. Dr. Kwayke’s research is on black feminism, girlhood studies, education, qualitative methods, and community performance. She will be teaching courses on hip-hop feminism and representations of girlhood this year.

We are also pleased to welcome Dr. Francie Chassen-Lopez, a Distinguished Professor of Arts & Sciences and History, who will be teaching this year in Gender and Women’s Studies. She is offering courses on women in Latin America and gender and biography.

Our faculty and students continue to be recognized for their achievements in research, teaching, and service. Dr. Srimati Basu will be a Fulbright scholar this year where she will be researching men’s movements, marriage, and violence in India. Cristina Alcade is recently back from her visiting professorship at Catholic University in Lima, Peru where she taught seminars on gendered violence. Our faculty members have also been awarded numerous prizes and recognition for their books and articles. Check out our faculty bookshelf.

Building upon our department’s strengths in research, service, and teaching on the body, activism, popular culture, and sexuality, we are pleased this year to offer an expanded range of undergraduate courses and new fields of concentration in queer theory, sex and science, gender and popular culture, sex and power, hip-hop feminism, gender and sports, human rights in film across the globe, and Black women in the U.S. These courses are designed to enable students to analyze and impact the worlds around them. We are pleased that our undergraduate program is growing dramatically as students embrace minoring or majoring in gender and women’s studies as an ideal gateway to careers in a host of fields. Our alumni have gone on to careers in law, teaching, medicine, education, non-profits, and NGOs that span many locales from Korea, China, and across the U.S.

 If you are interested in undergraduate or graduate studies in Gender and Women’s Studies, please look at our webpage and Facebook page. Dr. Carol Mason, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Dr. Ellen Riggle, Director of Graduate Studies, will be happy to answer your questions. Also, please come by and meet faculty and students in Breckinridge Hall. We pride ourselves on being congenial and casual, so stop by and say hello. Check out our webpages for announcements about our famous “Breckinridge Bash” where students and faculty meet and eat!

Karen W. Tice

Chair, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

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